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What Separates the Wheat from the Chaff?

Everybody on this planet learns to lie. Everybody.


Anyone who’s raised a kid knows this is true. You have to teach them not to lie.


What separates the wheat from the chaff then?


Choosing not to lie.


Does it get any simpler than that?


Just don’t mistake simple for easy.


When you vow not to lie to anyone, especially yourself, you have to learn harder shit like owning your actions and tact. It’s a hard climb out.


Simple enough, though, huh?


You could always choose not to lie for a day, or a week, even a month. Not a single lie, even to yourself. Just to see how difficult it is and whether or not you have the balls to take on this great a challenge, for it’s definitely a course of action that might eventually result in so personal a change to your being, you actually embrace total Honesty.


And just when you think God’s not watching.


Do the Math.


Faith ain’t for the faint of heart.


But it never was.






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