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What a fine Hell you’ve made yourself, Hillary

Poor Hillary Clinton

Poor Hillary Clinton

What a fine Hell it must be to spend your entire life lusting after power, and reaching, make a final swipe at the gold ring with your last gasp, only to fall short in a landslide of epic proportions.




The Ignorant Slut

The Ignorant Slut

To suffer in the last months of your life the increasing burden of a lifetime of ill-gotten obligations and debts; to be dragged place to place, sick and sicker every day, on the best drugs Big Pharma can supply, knowing you’re gonna fail.



Old Criminal Clinton

Intense Evil takes its Toll


To die slowly, painfully before the eyes of the whole Nation you sold out to feed your lust.







Revenge is mine, saith the Lord.




He knows better than any of US the best way to hit Evil where it lives. That’s why you have to wait for Karma. You get what you give, with intensity.


Intense Good is just that, intense.


A nation of innocents cannot be held responsible for the actions of the Evil Few manipulating them against their own best interests. There is no justice in that.


But there is always Karma.Hillary and her Karma

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