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Veteran’s Day: DC’s Dog and Pony Show 2.0

DC's Dog and Pony Show just got an upgrade

DC’s Dog and Pony Show just got an upgrade

This upcoming election in 2016 is DC’s new Dog and Pony Show 2.0. Now out of beta.

The old Dog and Pony routine quit working, didn’t it? We all got hip to it, we all KNOW that the Dems and Republicans have been working together, and working us, for years, decades.

Now, here we have a rift developing in the Republican Party, the “side” most likely to win in 2016 because we’re all really stoking mad about being screwed by that other side. As the Powers that Be intended. And here we have, virtually right before our eyes, two opposing sides forming within a “side”, the outsiders and the insiders. Right? Is this not correct?

What a distraction, what a crisis, a hand-wringing of faux proportions. Oh, the humanity!

We’re being manipulated–again–but few will realize this until it’s too late.

Our corporate and global masters are once again presenting us with their solutions.


Donald Trump Trump is saying all the right things, yes.






Ted CruzCruz is echoing him, you betcha.






These two boys are capitalists, running with and for capitalists. They are capitalizing on the sentiments running deep in the country. They’re both incredibly smart men.

So, while those other candidates being branded “insider” and “establishment” and “failure” are crushed, we’re inexorably being led by the nose to the “clear” choice of Trump for pres, Cruz for VP. As the Powers that Be intended.

A billionaire and a senator, a stealth insider, whose wife is on leave from her job at Goldman Sachs.

Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

Think about who is being given all the media attention and who can barely score headlines in a local paper. This is how they manipulate us.


FlagsI have little hope enough people will realize this before it’s too late. But I also don’t see any alternative to the games these traitorous vermin play with our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor, unless and until we finally go all American Revolution 2.0 on them.

God is watching. Shit happens, cocksuckers.

Happy Veteran’s Day to all of you, who gave their lives for America and her Constitution. You have my deepest respect.


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