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Trump: Iran Deal So Bad, It’s Suspicious

Donald Trump


You know, Donald,







there’s a shitload of us hard-working, taxpaying, voting patriots out here thinking the very same thing: that Iran deal was so bad, it had to be on purpose.



Nobody’s that dumb. Well, except Grubers.



Jarrett Obama

But especially not Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to Obama–she’s not dumb at all. That bitch was born in Iran, for chrissakes. Tehran to be exact. Guess where her loyalties lie–really.




I have yet to figure why evil people constantly leave God out of their calculations. Like he doesn’t have the same free will he gave the rest of us.


And he’s watching, all right.


I’ll repeat that for morons: GOD IS WATCHING. You. Assholes. God is so watching. Us. All.


Jarrett Obama

Takes a HELL of a lot to piss him off.


You cocksuckers wanna keep on, be my guest.




Just a couple of little questions for ya: How mad you think God’s gonna be when he does decide to act? And with whom.


The Damned


I swear. This waiting is the hardest part.




















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