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Traitor Patrick Leahy

Democrat Senator from Vermont

Democrat Senator from Vermont

Here is the great Senator Traitor from Vermont. He proposes legislation to “ease” restrictions on immigrants, especially those muslims for whom he has a greater affinity than for us, the citizens of these United States.


He does this only because Trump dared to speak Truth to Power in calling for a TEMPORARY ban on muslim immigration until Leahy and his fellow traitors of both parties in the Senate and the House can come up with some way to vet these imported voters. In other words, Trump wants to halt immigration until the Congress does the job it is charged with in the Constitution: the protection of the citizens of the US.


Leahy would meet the invaders at our gates with green cards rather than do his job to protect his fellow Americans. Hell, he’s not alone. Look at how many RINOs came out to bash Trump for saying something.


The Washington DC establishment of both parties lives in abject fear of someone other than their global masters’ chosen puppets winning the White House. And so does the lapdog media.


Apparently, the 14 dead in San Bernadino mean nothing to him or his fellow conspirators. Nor do the brave recruiters dead in Chattanooga, or the victims of the Fort Hood radical islamic terrorist and even the over three thousand on 9/11.


Americans mean nothing to these traitors of both parties and their media, but this, this is an overt in-our-face attempt to destroy us, our Constitution, our country by means of legislation.


Any one of our Senators and/or Representatives and their media who support this treason need to be hung.


GOD IS WATCHING, COCKSUCKERS. Good luck to you. You’re so gonna need it.



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