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The Clever Establishment Plant

Ted Cruz

Here he is! The biggest, baddest, cleverest Establishment Plant in the short history of the world.


Roger Stone of the Daily Caller asks: Who is the real Ted Cruz?



Ted Cruz hopes you don’t want the answer to that. After all,



The Powers That Be are counting on him! His wife’s career at Goldman Sachs depends on what he delivers!




Ted Cruz6In his mind, he’s fooled us all with that conservative image so carefully honed over years. Years, mind you. But he didn’t hone that image alone. Oh, no. He had the help of all his criminal friends in DC, Republican and Democrat. The two parts of the One Party run Ted Cruz! He works both sides of the aisle!


Powers That Be Dumb

Powers That Be Dumb


Another little fact none of them want you to know.





Gee, Ted, what do you think about a man who invokes the Lord’s name to deceive the innocent? To feather his own nest and continue the treason.



What if it’s all in vain, Ted? What if you took the Lord’s name in vain?


Ted Cruz1


What magnificent arrogance! What astounding hubris! What a sell-out performance!



By a common liar.

Ted Cruz







Ted Cruz

One of the many Faces of Evil




God is watching.






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