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Rubio, Rubio, Wherefore Art Thou, Rubio?

Hey, Rubio,   just an FYI:   I wouldn’t vote for you if you offered to pay.   You don’t have that kind of money, and neither does the US of A.   Many thanks to you and   all your friends. /sarc   Can you hear me now, moron? Shut the fuck up and […]

The Republican Debate–CNBC Liars and Candidates’ Best Lines

Here is an idiot. Unfortunately, he is also a liar. Doubly unfortunate for his network and the rest of us, he was a “moderator” of the latest Republican Debate on CNBC.   His name is John Harwood, graduate of the Dan Rather School of Yellow Journalism. In my opinion, he’s not even a good liar. […]

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