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Revolution Televised? No, WiFied

Back in the days of my misspent youth, someone said “the revolution will be televised.” I don’t know who it was. I’m too damn old and tired to look it up. The point is that the quote just always stuck with me.         I realize now that Trump’s won for US, just […]

Powers that Be: Try To Confiscate America’s Guns

By God, you really do think you know it all, doncha?     But you don’t know this.       The only way you’ll ever get Americans to give up their guns is to make us all feel sooooo safe, we don’t think we need guns any more.   Only dumb cocksuckers like yourselves […]


According to WHO (World Hype Health Organization), bacon and sausage are carcinogenic, as bad as cigarettes and arsenic and strychnine. Red meat is “probably” carcinogenic.   Shit, WHO and Michelle Obama ought to get together and starve us all to death. That should serve their UN Agenda 21, Georgia Guidestone goals, quite well.     […]

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