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Isaiah 24

Aka, Isaiah’s Apocalypse.   The only chapter in the Old Testament to which the Jehovah Witnesses cannot find historical reference.     The Jehovah Witnesses have made it their mission, among other things, to verify the Old Testament.   And they have, for the most part, all but Isaiah 24.   As if it hasn’t […]

Denver Way Back

If you don’t know what year this was, you weren’t there. Sometimes Time doesn’t mean shit. You just had to be there.   Or talk to somebody that was there.   About 20 years after the cowboys quit driving cows through town, I went to Denver on my thumb. Downtown took me in.   Low […]

‘Judas’ Paul Ryan

Behold the face of Judas. The new face of Judas.   Praise Obama, Judas Iscariot has been reborn. And his name is Paul Ryan.       Leading all the traitorous Congress of these United States to worship at the altar of the Seven Deadly Sins.   Prostrate yourself, Judas Ryan, for your sin shall […]

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