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Revolution Televised? No, WiFied

Back in the days of my misspent youth, someone said “the revolution will be televised.” I don’t know who it was. I’m too damn old and tired to look it up. The point is that the quote just always stuck with me.         I realize now that Trump’s won for US, just […]

Congress Silently OK’s Assassination

To Every US Senator and Representative, I say this:   LaVoy Finicum was a Good Man, a Good American.     Do you approve of cold-blooded murder?   The sons of Fed that ambushed this Good Man–do you approve of them?   I don’t hear you.   This isn’t an oops to be mumbled away. […]

Feds Ambush and Murder a Good Man

While I remain personally undecided about the wisdom of the occupation at the Malheur Refuge outside of Burns, Oregon, the fact remains that the Feds ambushed these poor souls on a deserted road and out of cell service.     And murdered in cold blood LaVoy Finicum.   The eyewitness testimony here of Victoria Sharp, […]

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