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About the Math

  Just contemplating Math that you and I both know must exist, but even the smartest physicists of this world cannot begin to fathom, is proof of a Mind greater than the best and brightest of an indigenous species crawling a little round blue rock orbiting a rather ordinary star will ever fully comprehend.   […]

What a fine Hell you’ve made yourself, Hillary

What a fine Hell it must be to spend your entire life lusting after power, and reaching, make a final swipe at the gold ring with your last gasp, only to fall short in a landslide of epic proportions.       To suffer in the last months of your life the increasing burden of […]

CNN–Shut the Fuck UP

CNN (Cunts Naming Names) is going after Ben Carson. I guess he doesn’t rate Obama-We-Will-Not-Vet status. Probably because Carson, unlike Obama, isn’t a plant by the Powers That Be. He’s just a guy who grew up to be the finest pediatric surgeon in the world. And so nice a guy, he wouldn’t call CNN what […]

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