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Happy New Year? It’s Personal

  I am rolling out the obligatory Happy New Year. I don’t know why.   First of all, I’m just not feeling it. And I’m not alone, not by a longshot.     You can’t possibly think for one minute I’m happy with this asshole.   Or should I say puppet.         […]

US House Plans to Work 22.2 Weeks for all of 2016

According to Politico, the US House of Representatives plans to work 111 days for all of 2016.   I did the math.   22.2 weeks for all of 2016. That isn’t even half a year.   So why are these people pulling down $174,000 a year, base rate?   If I could make half what […]

The 18 Republican Sell-Outs in the Senate

Such thieves in the night. The Senate got together at 1:00 am on Thursday to vote on the “budget deal” that Rand Paul said he would filibuster. Well, he did filibuster–for around 20 minutes. Maybe he was too tired after the debate.   Anyway, Senate Democrats on their numbers alone would’ve never passed this bill […]

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