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Send the Traitors Packing

Powers That Be take note:


This November We the People Could:


Vote out every single incumbent, R and D.

The Many Faces of Evil



The R and D don’t matter anymore since both the Republican and Democrat wings of the Uniparty share the same end goal: globalism. And global serfdom for the rest of us. The world over.


All We the People have to do to really fuck both parties is to vote out every one of their precious incumbents, break all the old alliances they’ve been fucking us by forever.





We can at least do this much as Americans to save ourselves.




The ballot box is always preferable to the ammo box, but if needs be, I’ll go there, too. I just think we try this one thing first, use what power we Americans of all races, creeds, and colors still have left in this country, come together as a people, vote against every incumbent, and see what happens. What ever do we have to lose that is not already lost unless We the People do something by the People for the People.


I personally think a 50% success rate in this national endeavor would be enough for the

Trump 1988: "We're getting ripped off."

Trump 1988: “We’re being ripped off.”

criminals still sitting that with the right president in office, one

Trump 2016: "We're getting robbed."

Trump 2016: “We’re getting robbed.”

who doesn’t like being screwed anymore than you or I or the other three hundred plus millions of Americans, we would

send the traitors packing,




But that’s just me.


God is watching.

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