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Scalia and God’s Will


Justice Scalia–RIP


With the Wikileaks revelation of the reference to “wet works” between Podesta and one of his henchman just days before Scalia was “found dead”, it’s ever more obvious that Scalia was murdered to create a vacancy on the Supreme Court that Hillary might fill.


This is an attempted coup.


Without the Supreme Court backing the Constitution, America is toast. I will fight before I let that happen.






Rise above and see the bigger picture.


We all know this government of these two parties to be wholly capable of such a despicable act.


The trust between we the governed and those who  “claim” to govern by our consent is irrevocably broken.


The Declaration of Independence lays out the final solution to this broken trust. Pray we don’t have to go there.




Mr. Scalia: Rest in Deserved Peace, sir. You were one hell of an American. You will be missed. But not forgotten.

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