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Powers that Be: Try To Confiscate America’s Guns

Powers That Be2Stupid

Powers That Be No Longer

By God, you really do think you know it all, doncha?



But you don’t know this.




The only way you’ll ever get Americans to give up their guns is to make us all feel sooooo safe, we don’t think we need guns any more.


Powers That Be Dumb

Powers That Be Dumb

Only dumb cocksuckers like yourselves would think you can scare enough people in this country with “jihadi” massacres and pre-programmed serial killings to control, or even confiscate, our guns.




You will never, not for at least the next three generations or more, ever make us all feel sooooo safe and sooooo secure that we think we just don’t need guns anymore.


ISIS kids 2

I don’t care how many illegal immigrants you import to dilute the American spirit, AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN. Get over it, for chrissakes.


The American Spirit has deep roots. And it’s infectious.


But rebellion is infectious, too, down generations.


And you did this to yourselves. Isn’t that amazing? Seemed like sooooooo smart a move at the time, too; what a genius plan: make these peons, these Grubers fear enough and they will lay down their arms.


gunsLike Hell.


Again, your ignorance of what it means to be a true American shines right on through.


Good for US.



Now, go fuck yourselves. Powers That Be


Oh, ignorant Powers That Be.


The more you try to scare us into submission, the harder we prepare to kick your dumb asses down. Especially if you’re dumb enough to keep on–even after you been told.


You don’t shut the fuck up, there’s gonna be a real fight


That you will lose for picking.


colonialsKeep bringing that SH over our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, especially in the face of all the threats you’ve brazenly created and brought to bear, we’re gonna be forced to bring the big IT and finish you.


You’re not gonna like it.


But, go ahead. Roll Your Dice, dumbasses, you know so much.


All those really cool ideas you had, the best laid plans for mass manipulation and total control OF THE WORLD. Why, you even had the audacity to call your common tyranny inspired.


Inspired by Whom and to who’s end?


Powers that Be, my Ass.


God is watching, morons. Hell, with your luck, God’s helping you, too.


Now, you should be afraid, be very afraid, but I bet you’re not even that smart, are you?


Good for US.

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