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Powers That Be: Let’s Play Art of the Deal

And here I thought you Powers That Be knew eeevvveerrything.


You, of all people on Earth, should know you can’t beat a man at his own game.


Donald TrumpWin or Lose, you’re toast. You think he cares about winning more than shining a light on your Many Faces of Evil. But this light you’re squirming under is the goal, the contest merely a distraction. You should be familiar with distraction, it’s served your ends so well for soooooo long.  Hasn’t it? Isn’t Distraction one of your favorite tools to manipulate the masses?



Ted Cruz6

Just wait until People everywhere start asking why the Establishment (both parties of puppets) is trying to position Ted Cruz with just enough delegates to “help” the Donald over the top.




JFKWith JFK, you had Johnson waiting in the wings. Within two LBJweeks of the assassination, LBJ sent thousands of troops to Vietnam to serve the Military Industrial Complex who hungers for moar blood money night and day.




Reagan 1With Reagan (where you failed to kill him), you had Bush senior GHWBushin the wings, ready to hop in to the top spot to serve you Masters of this little ant Kingdom. He ultimately got to the White House, but you poor widdle Powers That Be had to wait years to be in full control once more.


I bet you stamped your widdle feet like a toddler when Reagan didn’t die.



Trump1Trump’s lived his whole life in public, made mistakes Yuuuge and little, all of it reported to death by your media to increase revenues. We serfs can know who he is, warts and all, anytime we want to take five seconds and Google. And you did this. You and your media made this possible.


Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) waves to supporters before a speech at Arlington Music Hall for a speech on Tuesday, October 22, 2013, in Arlington, Texas. (Ron Jenkins/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT via Getty Images)



So, you direct your media to bring Cruz up to our public eye, seemingly out of the blue, five years ago. The Great Conservative ACTOR in the role of his life, a good look into his past shows all kinds of really bad and highly questionable connections to your Establishment. If this was the 1950’s and a guy had this many documented connections to a communist mafia, if a communist mafia were the whole sum of his influence, would we People be ignoring that? Should we be ignoring that? What happens when we stop ignoring that?


Ted Cruz2Fast forward to 2016. Why isn’t more being made of Cruz’s connections to an Establishment we recognize is not acting in the best interests of this country, the People, the Constitution or Freedom? Of course, the mainstream media doesn’t mention it and no self respecting American expects to find the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth there anymore. So help us, God.



But, Limbaugh ignores Cruz’s deep ties to the Establishment,






Hannity never brings Cruz’s questionable connections up.




Beck’s gone batshit crazy, literally, but he was always expendable.





Levin appears to be backing off some since self preservation comes first and foremost for him.




But this cat’s out of the bag, folks. Who is the controlled opposition really? How are they used to manipulate? Hell, who doesn’t know by now that if you infiltrate your opposition, you can control hearts and minds, sway elections, make people hold their nose to vote the lesser Evil. Right? Right? Oh, Powers That Be. Should we ask Ted Cruz or will he just keep on lying?


Trump2Trump, win or lose, is shining a Yuuuge light on the deep dark recesses where your Many Faces of Evil operate. And there are so many Faces coming to light, more every day. Like roaches, you hate all light, because light wakes People up, people who’ll only want to crush you underfoot when they see you for what you are. So, Trump, win or lose, has done US all a big favor, whether he knows this or not. We’re all finally beginning to see just how many Faces of Evil are working together against US all. And you are Legion.


Oh, Powers That Be: I don’t know why I have to keep repeating myself:


GOD IS WATCHING. If anyone knows the Art of a Deal, my friends, you’re out of your roachesfucking league. You’re insects on a ball of dirt orbiting a pinlight, just dumb enough to believe you’re entitled to corner a whole World, enslave it to serve you, and no One will Mind.


Pride Always Goes Before The Fall. Soon you’ll all be proof.

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