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Paul Lyin’ Ryan Pledges NO Amnesty Until 2017

Paul Lying RyanI don’t care what Paul Ryan pledges or what he signs…




If you read National Review’s story at the above link, you’ll notice Lyin’ Ryan’s included a caveat to his “pledge”: no amnesty until 2017 unless a “majority” of his fellow Republicans demand it.


And even if all his RINO buddies are smart enough NOT to demand amnesty until after Braveheart the Oath of a LiarObama leaves office, Lyin’ Ryan’s still promised us all amnesty in 2017. He just didn’t say that straight out–yet. He’s just kicking the can down the road for his Chamber of Commerce crony-capitalist puppet masters.


The Oath of a Liar is no oath at all (hat tip to Mel Gibson’s Braveheart).


God is watching, cocksuckers.


You owe my child a future.






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