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MSM: What You Don’t Know


What the vaunted MSM does not know could fill volumes, and will, when the History of this period is written.


And they will be the “stars” of this period in History. Oh, yes. They are characters in a reality show and when it’s over, it’s over, baby.


They will be known as the “Greatest Useful Idiots in the History of Man.” Or something like that.


Here’s a little fact for them to nibble: Instead of worrying about the ratings day-to-day, maybe they should be studying the habits of their dwindling viewing public. And their children.


No one’s raising their kids with Today show running in the background of the busy breakfast, and no one’s raising their kids to settle down to watch the nightly News after dinner. Like it used to be. Back in the sixties.


People have stopped reading the paper. So have their kids.


Hell, there’s a lot of folk out here that don’t watch or listen to the MSM’s prattle at all. They never developed the habit. But they can spot a pack of LIARs a mile away.


And there’s more, not less, like that all the time.


Kids learn best by example. Everyone knows that.


Can you do the Math?


God is watching.

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