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The Bank for International Settlements–the Bank of the central banks

<<<—Mass manipulators, such as globalists and their media mouthpieces, have a tool, a weapon of mass distraction, if you will:






This is just one of the tools in their arsenal, but a most formidable weapon against us all.





Labels to manage and control, labels to divide one from another, drilling and distilling the population, the MainStreamMedia continually floating new labels to see what support might be drawn, micro-labeling to find the dumbest, most easily-led cocksuckers on the planet.



Globalists don’t want us to profile passengers for a plane, but you can bet they profile. Oh, brother, how they profile. All of us. The world over. Every country. Of serfs. Our appetites, our desires, our weaknesses, our strengths. Don’t ever doubt that you, too, fit easily into one of their assigned and well-labeled profiles.



The one label they never use is American.

Think back the last forty years–regardless of race, creed or color, we’ve all of us been called every thing imaginable on every side of these supposed divides created by the globalists through their mainstream media; every thing but AMERICAN.




To kill us, this great country; to lead us to Evil when we are built as a people to do Good, these globalists who would rule over all, they have to kill the American label.







Good luck with that, little powers that be.




As soon as you can do the Math that sets a Universe in motion, you might have a shot at challenging God for his job.


You keep forgetting that America is God’s country. He made it. He will keep it. And we will be Free.




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