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Jill Stein–Soros’ Bitch

Oh, Jill. Did you know what a threat you were to Elizabeth Warren in 2020?




No, I bet you didn’t.


You could’ve been a contender.



From this ^^^^^^






To this –>









You lost this:



somewhere along the way.


You meant all oppression, didn’t you, Jill? What about the oppression in collecting $160,000 an hour, on the hour, to undermine an election already conceded? Now, that would be a singular, grievous oppression of the American People, wouldn’t it?


Whatever’s funding you, Jill, you’re his bitch, bought and paid-for. Open wide and drink deep. I hope you think it’s worth it a couple of years from now.


You could’ve been a contender. Now, you’re just another cheap, tawdry political sell-out.


You and your Green Party will be no threat to Elizabeth Warren and her weak Democratic Party now.




Jill Stein: Showing us all what the Green in Green Party means to her.




My condolences to those members of the Green Party who aren’t in it for the money.


Nature’s God is watching.


Powers That Be


So, who created Math?



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