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Happy New Year? It’s Personal


I am rolling out the obligatory Happy New Year. I don’t know why.


First of all, I’m just not feeling it. And I’m not alone, not by a longshot.



Yeah, I’m listening. See?


You can’t possibly think for one minute I’m happy with this asshole.


Or should I say puppet.




Our Part Timers



Or thrilled with the world’s biggest collection of political whores, corralled in one place for global convenience.





Paul Lying Ryan

And what about this sonofabitch? Gives away the Federal Store to get the export ban on oil lifted, because that’s what this budget bill was about–oil and arms. Then lame as the limp dick he is, runs to his pals in the lamestream media to defend himself: “Uh, we…we…got some shit out of it…next one’ll be better…really…I got plans…er, uh…hey, it was already a done deal when I got there. Whaddya wanna do…shut down government?”


Yeah, moron. That’s exactly what I and millions of other taxpaying Americans would love you and all your prostitutional friends to do: SHUT DOWN THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT.


IDIOT. Get your House in order. Fuck that, get the Federal checkbook in order. Why should our government be any different than the rest of us, paycheck to paycheck?



Our Part Timers


The last time the Feds supposedly “shut down” their criminal operation only 17% of the government–nonessential services–actually shut down. And most of those government workers we the People pay through the nose for had themselves a fine two or three week holiday–paid–on our dime, courtesy of the biggest collection of political whores in the world. If 17% is NONESSENTIAL, why isn’t it cut already?



So I should be happy it’s another year with all these cocksuckers in charge. Yeah, right.


the warrior



Makes a real patriot wanna go all Braveheart on these pussies, just like our Forefathers.



God is watching.


I swear, the waiting is the hardest part.


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