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Gun Control Shot Down in Virginia

Mike Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg, former mayor of NYC, suffers from Napoleonic Complex a.k.a. Short Man Syndrome.

Mike Bloomberg, billionaire former mayor of NYC, dumped millions into the Democrat campaigns in Virginia in hope of getting gun control laws through the Virginia legislature.


From Breitbart,

Bloomberg was hoping to capitalize on the tragic shooting of two Virginia TV reporters by a disgruntled newsman earlier this Summer. He pumped millions into the race for two critical state Senate seats. As a result, both Democrats were able to dramatically outspend their Republican rivals.

Bloomberg and his SuperPAC, Everytown for Gun Safety, hoped to show that Democrats could win on the issue of gun control. Also, Gov. McAuliffe had made enacting new restrictions on gun ownership a centerpiece of his campaigning for Democrats around the state.”


Mikey, this is what’s known as an Epic Fail.


Looks like the state of Virginia just told Mike Bloomberg, his Everytown for Gun Safety and the Democrat governor, Terry McAuliffe (best friend of Lyin’ Hillary Clinton), to SHUT THE FUCK UP. You ain’t getting our guns. Get over it.




Meanwhile, gun sales set records for the sixth month in a row, according to the Washington Free Beacon.





Molon labe, cocksuckers. Molon labe. Hell, you might be just dumb enough to try.

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