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Growing Up Late Sixties, Early Seventies

I went through phases as a young adult.

In no particular order, I was drunk for two years, high on coke for a couple years, real speed (not meth) early on, pot at least ten years. I slept with a few people, and entertained a few more.

I married five times. The last time I didn’t want to really, but we were bored so we went to the courthouse and then out to Denny’s. I was right. It was a mistake. I’m not the marrying kind. But I did get the best child on Earth out of it so I’m not bitching.

Do I care if you know this about me?

Not particularly. I made a lot of mistakes, just like you. And now I’m here.

What I did that others don’t is learn from my mistakes.

The sin is in repeating the mistake, as if you never learned.

Lot of that going around these days, especially in the mainstream media. How long will it be before the globalists kick this particular crop of Useful media Idiots under the bus? Not like they aren’t a dime a dozen. Just like lying politicians.

I hate liars.

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