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Feds Ambush and Murder a Good Man

LaVoy Finicum

LaVoy Finicum

While I remain personally undecided about the wisdom of the occupation at the Malheur Refuge outside of Burns, Oregon, the fact remains that the Feds ambushed these poor souls on a deserted road and out of cell service.



And murdered in cold blood LaVoy Finicum.


The eyewitness testimony here of Victoria Sharp, who was in the car LaVoy was driving:



LaVoy Finicum on January 15, 2016 in Burns, Oregon.

LaVoy Finicum January 15, 2016 Burns, Oregon.

The blood of a Good Man has watered the Tree of Liberty and by Tyranny’s hand.


My sincere condolences to the family of this Good, Good Man.



Have faith and stand firm. Be patient.


These Fed COCKSUCKERS have only Hell to pay. And it is coming.


God Is Watching.





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