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DeNiro–Jesus, Man! STFU

This is a dumbass.

This is a dumbass.



Do you really buy into the notion that TPTB (the powers that be) aka BIS (Bank of International Settlements) is gonna look out for you and your piddly multi-millions?


Dude, you’re one of those useful bootlickers, first purged.


Old Criminal ClintonDo you really intend to vote for a criminal like Clinton? Who’s squeezin’ ya, man?


I thought that gangsta shit was all an act, a very good act, by a great actor.


Now, I’m not so sure.


Maybe you’re so great an actor because you’re always looking for roles you don’t ever have to work at any harder than just being your true self.

sick puppy


If that’s the case, you’re one sick puppy, Bob.


God is watching.

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