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Deep State Republicans Pull A Fast One





Anybody who still believes the United States of America has a two-party political system should not be allowed to vote.



Neither party is on our side.




The Deep State Republicans, those Globalist whores, plus all their noisy little Democrat sheep made sure that the biggest turncoat of all time, the Benedict Arnold of our age, had his moment in History.


What did he care? He’ll be dead in six months or a year from that brain tumor. He’s been a Deep State, Globalist whore for decades. Leader of the Pack. And just look at the size of that pack, both parties.





For all the Deep State Republicans, McCain’s diagnosis is a dream come true because now, in their next campaigns for election, they all get to say they voted to repeal and replace Obamacare just like they “promised”, but it was dead John McCain that gave US the middle finger. As if they themselves weren’t praying for cover. Nest of scheming bastards.



God is so watching.


And both the Deep State and their traitors in Congress are welcome to it. Every bit of it.




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