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Could Nikki Haley Bleat Any Better?

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley, R, governor of South Carolina.



American serfs of all races, creeds, and colors–look upon her with awe–the next “innocent” Establishment lamb being groomed for the White House.



Or should I say, the next big sideshow to draw attention away from the real screwing we’re all supposed to take. Up the ass. And like it. Four to Eight years from now.


After all, Hillary’s just paving the way, ain’t she? Opening the doors, right? Planting the seed in every Gruber’s pretty little head that they’re entitled to a woman president. The media will water the seed, shine light on it, and let it grow.


OMG, Nikki. Is that really you?


Who knew you were going to so easily morph into such a good Establishment Sheep.


The Powers That Be start early, you know. Years, even decades, out. Manipulation is a science, mass manipulation even more so.


That drunk-on-power tool works, don’t it? Especially in the hands of skilled technicians, master craftsmen. Just an all-out seduction of the soul.


Stroke the ego, dull the senses. Blur any notion of principles, morals, ethics and values. Rob a person of spiritual strength and flat destroy conviction. Turn courage into absolute pussy (see Obama), so, yeah, let’s have another sip. There’s a good girl.


So what about Patriotism? You know, Love of Country? What about America? Oh yeah, that.


OMG. Nikki! Look how low you’ve allowed yourself to be led. I thought you were smarter, braver, stronger than that.


Man, those Powers that Be sure know how to pick ’em, don’t they?




Nikki Haley



So many willing sheep, so little time.





God Is Watching, Morons. Good luck with that.

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