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Congress Silently OK’s Assassination

LaVoy Finicum

LaVoy Finicum

To Every US Senator and Representative, I say this:


LaVoy Finicum was a Good Man, a Good American.



LaVoy Finicum on January 15, 2016 in Burns, Oregon.

LaVoy Finicum on January 15, 2016 in Burns, Oregon.

Do you approve of cold-blooded murder?


The sons of Fed that ambushed this Good Man–do you approve of them?


I don’t hear you.


This isn’t an oops to be mumbled away.

LaVoy Finicum


Officers of the State executed an AMERICAN on our own home soil.



Not one of you Protectors of the People feels enough outrage to at least try to get your name in the paper.


Nobody, not one of you sworn defenders of the Constitution, not your media mouthpieces Right or Left, have addressed the issue of the assassination of a Patriot within the borders of this sovereign Nation.


Do you think you can stop others like LaVoy Finicum from waking People to just how deep and hard the Fed is screwing all of us, and our children, up the BLM?


LaVoy Finicum Hands Up

Are you seriously thinking this Sin of Fed just goes away?


You have plenty to fear now, the least of which is the People of this Nation whose welfare you’ve abandoned to serve your own greeds.


The People are just a tool, right? A means to your ends. You’ve said so yourselves, all of you, plenty of times.


So, who’s to say you, and you alone, know best how to wield this tool?


Did you build that?


And what of your ends?


Two things you keep forgetting, every man/woman of you:





You’re nothing but a species.







‘Nuff said.







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