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CNN–Shut the Fuck UP

Cunts Naming Names

Cunts Naming Names

Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson

CNN (Cunts Naming Names) is going after Ben Carson. I guess he doesn’t rate Obama-We-Will-Not-Vet status. Probably because Carson, unlike Obama, isn’t a plant by the Powers That Be. He’s just a guy who grew up to be the finest pediatric surgeon in the world. And so nice a guy, he wouldn’t call CNN what I just did. He would never speak like me. He wouldn’t even think it.


CNN, I sincerely pity you cocksuckers, every one. I really do. God is watching, and he’s not a bit hung up on semantics in getting a message across.


Anyway, CNN claims to have found nine friends of Dr. Ben Carson who conveniently can’t verify his childhood remembrances. Nine sounds like a lot, just hanging out in the air like that–but enough to make a man a liar? That’s the implication. It’s very subtle, this implication, the creators of this propaganda are very good.


The problem with the math in this instance is this: Nine can be a little or a lot, a fraction or a great number, depending on the sum total. EXCEPT, CNN does not have a known quantity for comparison. CNN does NOT KNOW HOW MANY friends Ben Carson ultimately had growing up, and I would wager they don’t want to know. They just get the yearbooks and call people out of the blue to see how many they can reap of those hungry for a minute’s fame to say they even knew the guy. Nine must’ve been their magic number.


That’s how Cunts Naming Names works, just like the rest of the mainstream media. It’s a formula, an evil one at that.


What’s left out–omitted from the equation as it were–is whether or not these nine friends of Ben Carson were close or merely distant acquaintances. Oh, we get descriptions all right–wheeling bikes around the block, crap like that. The representation here is intimate, these are intimate friends. Which may or may not be the case. Based on their track record of lies, CNN must think we’re dumb enough to swallow this “tale” without serious doubts about their credibility in EVERYTHING THEY REPORT.


I would like to know if Scott Hunter or Maeve Reston, the writers of this sly little hit piece, could each produce nine friends that knew them intimately growing up. I can’t. I didn’t have nine friends that close growing up, but maybe they did. And by intimate, I mean interacting daily with them and their families for longer than a year. In each others’ lives for a set period of time.


Then the writers should provide a few highlights of their childhoods and we’ll go ask each of their nine friends what they remember. It’s another math term called comparison. The use in this instance gives us a weight, a gravity to the matter. Then we’d know if the matter is all fluff, and done for nefarious reasons, or not.


Maybe a Ben Carson in the White House right after a Barack Obama would provide America too stark a comparison of good versus evil. The Powers That Be can’t afford to have a Good black man, a brilliant doctor, rise from poverty to the White House. Just like they couldn’t afford another Martin Luther King EVER. The slaves still Left on the MOAR FREE STUFF plantation might get the notion that with effort, perhaps a little divine assistance asked and received, they, too, can make something of themselves and, great or small, shine in all their goodness before God.


Can’t have that kind of thinking amongst slaves now, can we, CNN? Might stoke a nation-wide revolt that even white and brown and yellow and red Americans all would join.


Brotherhood is a scary thought, huh? Brotherhood amongst races to be avoided at all costs. Right, CNN?


God is watching, cocksuckers. You have my deepest sympathies, my sincerest condolences. One of these days you will get it through your pretty clueless heads that pissing off God comes with consequences, negative consequences. Take it from someone who God’s slapped upside the head a few times, and hard, like any good Father.


Discipline hurts, motherfuckers. Oh, it hurts.


Only God knows where to hit you for maximum effect. Not even your nine closest friends know that. Because you don’t know either, until it happens.


I’m just trying to do you a favor here and warn you right now: You’re fucking with the wrong guy. Get it? Leave this good man alone.




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  1. I’m not easily impsersed but you’ve done it with that posting.

    1. Thank you. And thanks for your interest!

  2. Stumbled across this after googling “CNN shut the fuck up.” Good write, hopefully people are aware of propaganda. I personally might vote for Sanders but propaganda is propaganda and it’s uncalled for if we as a country are striving for a better place to live. Keep calling bullshit.

    1. Thanks. I’m like you–sick and tired of the propaganda from both parties and the media. I don’t know who I’m voting for yet, I just hate to see good people done wrong.

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