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MSM: What You Don’t Know

  What the vaunted MSM does not know could fill volumes, and will, when the History of this period is written.   And they will be the “stars” of this period in History. Oh, yes. They are characters in a reality show and when it’s over, it’s over, baby.   They will be known as […]

Janitor Notes: 08/15/2017

  Please don’t kiss the glass.   The very next thing you’re gonna do is lick your lips.   You don’t know what chemicals you just ingested by licking your lips after kissing that glass.   But I do.                

Deep State Republicans Pull A Fast One

        Anybody who still believes the United States of America has a two-party political system should not be allowed to vote.     Neither party is on our side.       The Deep State Republicans, those Globalist whores, plus all their noisy little Democrat sheep made sure that the biggest turncoat […]

Honesty, Honestly

Honesty is a double-edged sword. Being a fine weapon against which no lie can stand, it’s also a fine shield. Lies just bounce right off.   MSM would know that if they were actually honest. Which they’re not. Honestly.     Oh, NATURAL BORN LIARS OF THE MSM: You fear the Light and rightly so, […]

Isaiah 24

Aka, Isaiah’s Apocalypse.   The only chapter in the Old Testament to which the Jehovah Witnesses cannot find historical reference.     The Jehovah Witnesses have made it their mission, among other things, to verify the Old Testament.   And they have, for the most part, all but Isaiah 24.   As if it hasn’t […]

A Congress of Idiots

  “What we got heah   is a failure   to Communicate.”         Because our Congress of Idiots   won’t come together   for US.           God is watching. These Idiots should know that by now.   They should also know by now just how God feels about […]

What Separates the Wheat from the Chaff?

Everybody on this planet learns to lie. Everybody.   Anyone who’s raised a kid knows this is true. You have to teach them not to lie.   What separates the wheat from the chaff then?   Choosing not to lie.   Does it get any simpler than that?   Just don’t mistake simple for easy. […]

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