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America’s Quiet Civil War

colonialsTo those Americans and patriots who fight back against the global tyranny with wits and ways, known or not yet revealed:


God IS watching. No honest effort in defense of Good goes unnoticed or unrewarded.




Powers That Be2Stupid

All of the above are powered by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS)–the bank of the World’s central banks. BIS is the head and heart of the global Squid diagrammed here.


TPTB: One Good man is worth ten of any other sort. Until the end of Time, it will always be thus. Because GOD IS WATCHING, all of YOU especially, woe the unintended consequences of your actions. Serious woe.






Choices matter. This will be your hardest lesson learned. Ever. In the History of Man. No one will want to be any of you. Ever. In the History of Man.



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