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Just contemplating Math that you and I both know must exist, but even the smartest physicists of this world cannot begin to fathom, is proof of a Mind greater than the best and brightest of an indigenous species crawling a little round blue rock orbiting a rather ordinary star will ever fully comprehend.


I’ve said elsewhere on the Net, and likely will say again, that Karma is all Math. You get what you give. How long it takes to get back to you governs the intensity of its return–Good or Evil–to you.  How many lives are touched by a single act of kindness, or evil?


Jesus talked of storing treasure in Heaven. Put another way, your own personal Math follows each and every one of you to the next life, and beyond. What wealth we could bring, each to our own heaven…choices matter.


Math is a living sea fed by rivers and streams of numbers and equations. A computer program running whole universes, and everything that is in them. What we actually know, what our best and brightest physicists know, the sum total of their collective knowledge, doesn’t amount to a drop of water in this ocean, maybe not even an atom, Math is that big.


Funny how quickly a small baby deduces that two Cheerios are better than one. Before anyone tells him. As if that Math were born in him.


So, who created Math?







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