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Matt Dowd, so-called political analyst, ABC NEWS

Matt Dowd, paid political propagandist, ABC NEWS

Let’s talk electile dysfunction for a moment.


There is more than one type of electile dysfunction.


Consumers vote with their wallets. Everyone knows this.


The product ABC News markets to their actual consumers–the advertisers–is eyeballs. Their revenues depend on nightly viewers swallowing the lure and turning to their brand of paid political propagandists for a heaping helping of statist/liberal bullshit (that other revenue stream) they love to call news.


If the number of eyeballs ABC News generates daily is declining YOY (check the ratings), their real consumers will eventually vote with their wallets. So, ABC could very well suffer from an electile dysfunction of the revenue kind, a fatal condition if left untreated.


From the transcript provided by Newsbusters we easily learn this:


Matt Dowd–ABC’s paid political pussy who looks like a penis, and acts like a dick–has a severe case of Penis Envy.


Matt’s head is in his penis–this is where he lives. The student of psychology will likely assume (correctly) that Matt Dowd may have deep-rooted feelings of inferiority due to a teeny weeny because, to make himself bigger, badder, and more important in his own eyes, he felt it necessary to publicly denegrate a candidate for President who not only has a bigger penis, but also a set of balls.









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