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Month: June 2016

Denver Way Back

If you don’t know what year this was, you weren’t there. Sometimes Time doesn’t mean shit. You just had to be there.   Or talk to somebody that was there.   About 20 years after the cowboys quit driving cows through town, I went to Denver on my thumb. Downtown took me in.   Low […]

AP–Ass.ociated Press of Idiots–You Lie Like Hillary’s Cheapest Rug

I would include a link to this fiction but I can’t abide liars so here’s the title: Trump lambastes Clinton: ‘She gets rich making you poor’   It’s AP’s Big Story site. Telling stories are you, AP?   What else is fucking new? Cheap whores.   Anyway, a quote from the story: “Several of his […]

TPTB: You can’t cut and run now

Oh, how the mighty fall.   Poor Bezos is so frightened of the payment he has to make, he wants to run to Mars. And Musk is gonna help him so he can go, too.   How pathetic are these cowards of the lesser Powers That Be. Time is not on anyone’s side now. No […]

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