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Month: March 2016

Powers That Be: Let’s Play Art of the Deal

And here I thought you Powers That Be knew eeevvveerrything.   You, of all people on Earth, should know you can’t beat a man at his own game.   Win or Lose, you’re toast. You think he cares about winning more than shining a light on your Many Faces of Evil. But this light you’re […]

The Clever Establishment Plant

Here he is! The biggest, baddest, cleverest Establishment Plant in the short history of the world.   Roger Stone of the Daily Caller asks: Who is the real Ted Cruz?     Ted Cruz hopes you don’t want the answer to that. After all,     The Powers That Be are counting on him! His […]

Mitt, Really? STFU and Sit Down

  Here is an idiot, who thinks we the People care what a loser has to say.   So much for taking the fall, eh, Mitt?   The sheep are fleeing the slaughter pen, Mitt, no matter how hard you and your Powers That Be try to close the gate.     You’re a city […]

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