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Month: February 2016

All-Knowing Punitive Gods Aid Growth of Human Societies

The LA Times put out an “article” a link to which Drudge entitled: STUDY: Belief in all-knowing, punitive gods aided growth of human societies…   This “article” is better subtitled: Feds pay two idiots to play games with 591 natives of isolated populations to generate enough data to help us all feel superior denying our […]

Congress Silently OK’s Assassination

To Every US Senator and Representative, I say this:   LaVoy Finicum was a Good Man, a Good American.     Do you approve of cold-blooded murder?   The sons of Fed that ambushed this Good Man–do you approve of them?   I don’t hear you.   This isn’t an oops to be mumbled away. […]

Lyin’ Paul Ryan Begs The Question

Oh, the mighty Lyin’ Paul Ryan begging conservatives not to revolt.   Why? Because, he tells the Heritage Foundation, he needs to spend the next years, years for chrissakes, PREPARING to push the conservative agenda.     Years, Paul? Years to prepare to be what you’ve claimed for years that you already are–a conservative?   […]

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