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Month: January 2016

Feds Ambush and Murder a Good Man

While I remain personally undecided about the wisdom of the occupation at the Malheur Refuge outside of Burns, Oregon, the fact remains that the Feds ambushed these poor souls on a deserted road and out of cell service.     And murdered in cold blood LaVoy Finicum.   The eyewitness testimony here of Victoria Sharp, […]

Could Nikki Haley Bleat Any Better?

Behold,   American serfs of all races, creeds, and colors–look upon her with awe–the next “innocent” Establishment lamb being groomed for the White House.     Or should I say, the next big sideshow to draw attention away from the real screwing we’re all supposed to take. Up the ass. And like it. Four to […]

Can of Worms, Ninth in the Eli Stone series of Two Bit Westerns

Being a writer is not all sit butt in chair–write. There’s editing and details, details, details. You mold, you shape your rough draft until, as Stephen King has said (I paraphrase), you’ve gone over the damn work so many times you just want the smelly old thing to go away.   My latest Two Bit […]

Trump: Iran Deal So Bad, It’s Suspicious

  You know, Donald,           there’s a shitload of us hard-working, taxpaying, voting patriots out here thinking the very same thing: that Iran deal was so bad, it had to be on purpose.     Nobody’s that dumb. Well, except Grubers.     But especially not Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to […]

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