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Month: December 2015

‘Judas’ Paul Ryan

Behold the face of Judas. The new face of Judas.   Praise Obama, Judas Iscariot has been reborn. And his name is Paul Ryan.       Leading all the traitorous Congress of these United States to worship at the altar of the Seven Deadly Sins.   Prostrate yourself, Judas Ryan, for your sin shall […]

Rubio, Rubio, Wherefore Art Thou, Rubio?

Hey, Rubio,   just an FYI:   I wouldn’t vote for you if you offered to pay.   You don’t have that kind of money, and neither does the US of A.   Many thanks to you and   all your friends. /sarc   Can you hear me now, moron? Shut the fuck up and […]

Congress Re-institutes Slavery in America

House Speaker Lyin’ Ryan’s teaming up with madamn Pelosi on an omnibus to “fund” the Federal government through 2016.             Buried in the 2000 page bill, among other egregious insults to American taxpayers, is a provision to quadruple the number of “low-skilled foreign guest workers” brought into the US on […]

Traitor Patrick Leahy

Here is the great Senator Traitor from Vermont. He proposes legislation to “ease” restrictions on immigrants, especially those muslims for whom he has a greater affinity than for us, the citizens of these United States.   He does this only because Trump dared to speak Truth to Power in calling for a TEMPORARY ban on […]

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