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Month: October 2015

The Republican Debate–CNBC Liars and Candidates’ Best Lines

Here is an idiot. Unfortunately, he is also a liar. Doubly unfortunate for his network and the rest of us, he was a “moderator” of the latest Republican Debate on CNBC.   His name is John Harwood, graduate of the Dan Rather School of Yellow Journalism. In my opinion, he’s not even a good liar. […]


According to WHO (World Hype Health Organization), bacon and sausage are carcinogenic, as bad as cigarettes and arsenic and strychnine. Red meat is “probably” carcinogenic.   Shit, WHO and Michelle Obama ought to get together and starve us all to death. That should serve their UN Agenda 21, Georgia Guidestone goals, quite well.     […]


Let’s talk electile dysfunction for a moment.   There is more than one type of electile dysfunction.   Consumers vote with their wallets. Everyone knows this.   The product ABC News markets to their actual consumers–the advertisers–is eyeballs. Their revenues depend on nightly viewers swallowing the lure and turning to their brand of paid political […]

Paul Lyin’ Ryan Pledges NO Amnesty Until 2017

I don’t care what Paul Ryan pledges or what he signs…   PAUL RYAN IS LYIN’.   If you read National Review’s story at the above link, you’ll notice Lyin’ Ryan’s included a caveat to his “pledge”: no amnesty until 2017 unless a “majority” of his fellow Republicans demand it.   And even if all […]

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