Gun Hand 120 x 160Welcome to my website!

Change can be a bad thing, especially if you’re a mulatto psychopathic liar trying to “transform” a Constitutional Republic into a dictatorship, but for my website, change is all good.

I’ve been writing for years now, since the eighth grade, but I’ve never seen the level of word twisting that we’ve all experienced in the current political climate.

Anyway, again, I welcome you to my website! In the days to come, I’ll be adding helpful links for writers, links to great fiction for readers by yours truly, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Just remember: the 2nd amendment of our Constitution guarantees all the others.

My latest:

Crossroads coverCrossroads


M.L. Bushman

Western/western romance

At Smashwords (multiple formats)

List Price: Just 99 cents

Adult reading–Language, violence, sex

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